School debts: how to study to repair them?

Debts to be recovered ?! An incomprehensible program to study ?! Anxiety not to make it ?! Take a deep, slow breath and read this article until the end … But if you need further help to overcome your debts, trust the tutors of Repeat and start repassing with them! It can happen that […]

Teach in French: pros and cons

The teaching of foreign languages ​​is fully part of the scholastic panorama of modern and innovative teaching. Nowadays the knowledge of at least one European or extra European language as well as English is of vital necessity. Mainly because of the growing development of mass communication. Increased trade with other countries requires knowledge of a […]

Study effectively: the most productive hours and the right pace

Having a good study method is the key to getting the most out of questions, tests and exams. The secret is to learn the right techniques to optimize the time spent in the study. A secret is to choose the most productive hours of the day and keep the right pace to give our brain […]

Accounting: the closing balance sheet, what is it used for and how is it prepared?

Do you have any doubts or difficulties in understanding accounting technique and subjects such as accounting? Not sure where to start and need help? If you are looking for advice, read on. In fact, the purpose of the article is to explain what the closing balance sheet is and what it is for. And here […]