School debts: how to study to repair them?


Debts to be recovered ?! An incomprehensible program to study ?! Anxiety not to make it ?!

Take a deep, slow breath and read this article until the end …

But if you need further help to overcome your debts, trust the tutors of Repeat and start repassing with them!

It can happen that you have insufficiency in a subject, no fear, through the recovery of debts you are given a second chance and it does not happen often in life, so seize this opportunity!

If you have had one or more debts, the professors will have given you a card, or, on your electronic register, a notice appeared showing the topics to be repeated.

Start from your notes

At this point you will tell me: “It is the same material that I had available during the year, but that didn’t help me much …. See the results!” In reality the results also depend on you and your approach to the study !

Remember: you can integrate your notes with diagrams taken from the web but be careful! The secret is not only to study and understand, unfortunately, often, it is also to understand the professor, we do practical examples.

You must recover Italian and study Leopardi: what will you ask me? Life or works? On which works did you insist more during the interrogations? What did you ask for in your written assignments, carried out during the year?

If your debt is in mathematics and concerns the methods of solving systems of equations with three unknowns: which method did I not understand? And what method did the professor make you apply more often?

It will seem silly, but it is not!

Before starting to study, you have to go back to the way in which the lessons were held and the topics on which the teachers dwelled most. In every topic there are some basic knowledge that you must assimilate, otherwise your preparation will not be enough.

The debt for the first four months

If the debt is assigned to you at the end of the first four months, you will be given the opportunity to recover it with the support of a professor who (most of the time) is not the one who explained the same subject to you in the previous months.

I’ll explain.

From September to January your professor of mathematics was prof. Rossi, in the remedial courses that the school organizes to help you get back on track and get enough, will teach you prof. Greens. It can be your luck because prof. Verdi might be better at explaining those topics you found difficult or, better, he will use examples and words that will help you more easily assimilate them.

Sometimes, however, it is good to say, prof. recovery may be less prepared or simply less addictive. In short, you have to put your own!

Follow the new lessons and, if something is not clear to you, do not pretend to have understood, ask for clarifications even 100 times, until the topic, the rule, the method are clear to you. Then, back home, don’t think that the recovery course is sufficient, but repeat what was explained to you.

If you do not recover it, you will start the second four-month period with an insufficiency and therefore with some gaps that may hinder you and prevent you from understanding and assimilating the following topics.

The debt for the second quarter

If the debt is assigned to you after the second four-month period, in the summer, please, make some sacrifices, because here the risk is greater: you may have to repeat not only a topic or a subject but all, because you would be rejected!

I do not wish it! Better to sacrifice a month, giving up something and putting oneself with commitment and dedication, rather than repeating a whole school year.

It may help you to study with a friend or friend who is better prepared in the subject you need to recover. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, rather, recognizing that you need others is a sign of maturity.

If even this fails to help you, contact experts in the field, those who give private repetitions on the subject for work and know how to relate to the students and come to meet them in the study, it being understood that you will always have to put yours!

Trust yourself

There is another very important thing that you need to know you have to trust yourself.

Don’t let a debt break you down! Of course, if you have been given a recovery it means that during the year you did something wrong, maybe the study method, maybe you were superficial, or maybe you just don’t like the subject, but the obstacles must be overcome.

You are young and in life you will encounter other difficulties, but the strength that each of us possesses comes out thanks to the unexpected, the disappointments, the problems, in short to the tripping that life holds for us.

If we did not fall, we would not be able to know that we are capable of getting up again!

In short, to recover a debt it is strongly recommended:

Repeat the topics or topic in which you are lacking, using the notes, the book, helping you with diagrams and summaries found on the net,

Follow the remedial courses organized by the school,

Try to understand what your teacher says is essential for you to know to get at least enough,

Believe in yourself,

Focus on the goal: to overcome debt by momentarily sacrificing other activities or passions that may distract you,

Contact a repetition expert.

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